Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Review and Sweeps

NEW Soft Scrub® Advanced Surface is the rinse-free gel that cleans and polishes granite and marble counter tops, glass cook tops, and stainless steel. Soft Scrub Advanced Surface is both tough on stains, and gentle on even your most delicate surfaces. Now you can get the cleaning performance you’ve come to love from Soft Scrub® in an easy to use gel.

What I thought:
I have stainless steel appliances and my kiddos get finger prints ALL OVER THEM! It sounds like and easy fix, wipe them off... not how that works. They stay until I use my special stainless steel polish and even then I have to do the process a couple of times before they really look great.
So I used the Soft Scrub Advance Surface on my fridge first. The first thing that I noticed was the smell. What in the world? It smells like my husbands shower gel... I LOVE it! I squeezed a line down both sides of my fridge and wiped it down. I dried it with a soft cloth after and it looked great! I also used it on my sink since it was already on my washcloth and it made it extra shiny too! I will say that it didn't get all of the water marks from the water dispenser on the freezer door but neither does my regular stainless steel cleaner. I usually have to really work on those for a while anyways. Over all, I was happy and my kitchen had the great smell of a handsome, clean husband!

Want to try it?

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