Sunday, February 3, 2013

Purex for Baby

By now you know, I am a Purex Fan. That is why I signed up to be a Purex Insider. I love getting to try their new products first and share them all with you!
This month I was given the opportunity to try and share the Purex Baby detergent. I don't have a baby anymore but Captain, Hubby, and I all have very sensitive skin. Baby products are still all over our house because they are mild so they don't tend to break us out.
When I got my detergent in the mail, I put it right to use. It was linen day so I used it on every one's bedding. The first thing that I noticed was that it was scented. Most baby products that we use do not have much of a scent. This smells like baby powder to me and I LOVE it. It is still hypo allergenic!

This is obviously not the product that I will use on Hubby's work clothes or the family workout wear. I am loving it for my sheets, towels, and pajamas!

I also got to try the new Purex Crystals for Baby. Oh Em Gee. I love my Purex Crystals. They are by far my favorite laundry product of all time. The Baby Scent MIGHT be my new favorite scent. It is a little more mild than the other scents but it is sweet and calming. It is rare for me to want to use anything other than my favorite purple crystals but Purex, you have done it now! These Crystals are Dye Free and Hypo Allergenic. They still leave that long lasting scent that makes me love Purex Crystals so much! I have actually used these on ALL of my laundry.

You can find both of these products in stores near you!

I was sent free product to review and coupons to share. All opinions are my own and yours may differ. No monetary compensation was received.

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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I love Purex Baby detergent! I haven't tried the crystals yet, but I may have to. I love the regular crystals for my own laundry!