Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peace. Love. Home.

I have to be the happiest wife and mother in the whole world.
Or at least that is how I feel. 
I have awesome kids and I am married to my very best friend and love of my life.
I never imagined being able to feel "happier"... until we made this move.
There is a peace that surrounds us here.
I grew up in the country. I understand why more than ever.
I wrote a post about my Grandpa a little while back where I mentioned one of my biggest memories being pulled around behind him on the mower. This weekend, I went out to find this...
Yes, I did tear up a little.
The boys and "Uncle", hauling brush to the burn pile.
The kids are not just jumping on the trampoline and swinging when they go out side... they are building zip lines, a tree house, fire pit, target practice, catching frogs and fish. They turned down a trip to the Fall festival to stay at home and chop firewood for the Winter and clear land. Fishing and target practice are our weekend traditions now. I love it.
Here are just a few shots since we have been at our new home.
Early Saturday Morning fishing with Momma.
Catching Frogs. 
 Out with PopPop
Working on the fire pit.

 Mr. Wonderful 
 Tire Swing.
 My favorite place.
 Chopping wood for Winter.
 AK47 out for Target Practice.
 Working Hard.
 Ninja on the Zip Line.
 My Boys. 

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Marissa said...

my gosh, my boys would love it there!!! love the pics, glad things are good :)