Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Break

We have been so busy that I don't have much time for anything not mandatory.
Every morning, afternoon, and evening is consumed by something so I am taking a break from my blog. I have some product reviews coming in that I will have to post and I will log my pictures for storage as often as I can.
On top of all the things we are involved in... We are CONSIDERING a move. We have always kept eyes open for a country home and have looked at several over the years. But. There has not been anything that has made us decided to leave 6 years of love and memories shared in our home.
3 stocked ponds, over 200 acres, work shop and barn, big tree house, green house, shooting range, huge pavilion, precious gazebo, and a porch the size of our current home is making us think about the possibilities...
I can't turn my mind off. So! I hope that you all have a wonderful Fall and I will be back as soon ans I can. :)

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