Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monster cereal is back!


I have to say that this is Hubby's favorite review.ever. That says a lot since I have been doing reviews for more than two years. lol These are his favorite cereals from childhood. We buy them any time that we find them!
Our household favorite is Franken Berry!

Each vintage monster-themed cereal including Count Chocula ®, Boo Berry ®, and Franken Berry® will be available at Target beginning in September; for a limited-time only !
These cereals combine chocolate, blueberry and strawberry flavored cereal with colorful marshmallow shapes that both kids and adults enjoy.
Each serving of the monster-themed cereal has no cholesterol or saturated fat and provide a good source of whole grain, calcium, and nine essential vitamins and minerals. 

Make this Halloween spooktacular with these monster-themed cereals. They are sure to help conjure memories of the gh’oul times, so head into your local Target store to stock up on these breakfast options before they’re all gobbled up!
A big thank you to Myblogspark and General Mills for this great gift pack.
I will be doing a follow up post of us using these cereals at out Cub Scout Fall Party!

  The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have all been provided by General Mills and Target through MyBlogSpark.

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