Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning on Saturday #2

Hubby helped pack up a picnic for lunch.
We hit to road and headed to Nephew's football game.
He is so good. They won, big time. 
 We took the kids to learn about the town after.
We are learning about the Caddo Indians before we go to
the Caddo Mounds in a few weeks.
We got a little history on them in Dangerfield, Texas!
 After our little history lesson,
 we stopped for lunch and some play time.

The kids ran in to an exploring opportunity.

We just learned about green houses
so we stopped to check one out.
We finished up with some shopping.
Captains "favorite painting... ever."

Ninja found a Monkey Christmas tree that we HAVE TO BUY! ;)

The kids love these learning trips with Daddy.
How do you keep the family learning together?