Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Fun Nights

I LOVE being an inspiration for family activities. I looked at my stats for the first time in a while and realized that I have a bunch of traffic coming from Google with the seach of "Family Fun Night". We have a family fun night every Tuesday and family day out very Saturday. Here are some from our past:
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Want more ideas?
 I went through one year of pictures to see what my kids liked most.
 Pumpkin Painting!
 Get outside and learn something new!
It doesn't have to be a physical sport!

 Take your Christmas photos before it gets to chilly!
Keep it fun, the kids will enjoy it much more!
"Boo" your friends. Our family friend started this a few years ago.
It has been a huge hit. Now the kids are racing to see who can "Boo" first.

Fall Crafts.
 Decorate the house or take them to Thanksgiving dinner to show the family!

 Make Christmas gifts!
We did these tree crafts last year and everyone has asked why they didnt get one.
Let the kids make Christmas gifts that the family will love!

Do a science project.
I have never met a kid that didnt love a good science project.

Make play dough together. It is super easy.
Have fun making something together as a family.
We make a big town with cars, stores, and dinosaurs. ;)
 Give back. Teach the kids to help others.
Do a Christmas shoebox, volunteer at a nursing home, bake cookies for thoes that cant.

 Visit a fire station. The kids thought this was awesome.
If you call ahead and let them know that you are teaching the kids,
they are usually excited to help you out!
This is a great time to have a family fire drill at home and learn about fire safety.
 Send Christmas cards to our troops. We did ours at the library.
If you call around, there are almost always people getting care packages together.
When it's too cold. Have a movie night!
We try to theme ours.
Hung Fu Panda and Chinese take out... ;)

 Find local festivals. They are everywhere all year long!

 Make fun snack together!

 Turn every holiday into a party!!!

 Hit the roads.
On foot or let the kids pick their own wheels.
 Have a mother daughter tea.
We did this at church but I think we will make it a yearly tradition.
Make tea cakes and try new tea each year!

Learn about a country together!

It's Spring! Plant together!

Get outside and get active.
We jump rope, jump on the trampoline, play ball, or find a new sport to try!

Put them to work!
Really. Do a home project together.
The boy's room needed to be painted so I let the kids help.
It took less time and they loved it!

It's Spring! That means air shows! Check around your area.

Let the kids plan and make dinner.
It may end up looking like this but they did it!
Plus, its okay to have junk for dinner once in a while.

Landmark tour.
We always stop at historical land marks on our annual family road trips!
Be sure to take picks to look back on!

Go to farms and farmer's markets.
If you don't garden, it is a great place to show the kids where food comes from.
If you do garden, it is a great place to meet and visit local farmers.
We don't pass one up.
We stopped at 3 (all in different states) during last year's annual road trip.

Pack it up and go.
We have picnics all the time and our kids love it.
I'm not sure what it is about eating outside, but everything taste better. ;)


AmieAnn said...

These are all such great ideas for sharing in the family fun! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. I am your newest follower!
Amie @ Pinkapotamus said...

We love our family nights, looks like your kids really love your family nights!

Angela at A Typical English Home said...

I am such a fan of family fun nights, and I love how much thought you put into yours! Thank you for sharing such great ideas.