Thursday, August 30, 2012

night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

 I am so excited about a new project that we will be doing as a family and sharing on this blog. 
I am blessed with wonderful grandparents. I grew up in their home and have so many memories of doing the most simple things with them. 

When I think about where I was when I was with Grandma,
 it was on the kitchen counter. 
This is where my new project idea came from. 

My grandparents are very much alive and well. 
We see them every chance we get. 
It's just that they live more than 2 hours away so my kids 
don't get to sit on the counter with Grandma and bake cookies or stir mac and cheese...
 SO! We are doing it here. Grandma has gathered her most famous recipes and we will be making them as a family once a month and sharing our experiences and recipes here! 

Be on the look out for "Grandma's Counter" 
Since I will be doing a monthly segment on Grandma,
 it is only fair that I share my Grandad too.
This is my Grandpa, Joe.
We go way back ;) My memories start out in a small trailer that he pulled behind the lawn mower. He would let me sit in there and take me for a ride all around the farm. We would circle around the big two story white farm house, by the pond and flag pole that wore the American flag, around the garage, under Grandma's sheets that were out on the line, down by the cows, and up the hill by the garden.

Grandma would holler from the back porch, "Stay way from those hay bales, there may be scorpions!" ...while Grandpa watched from the wood shop as I jumped from row to row. He took me to feed the animals and pick pecans. We would go out to the garden and I would toss my shoes. The silky soft soil feels amazing between your toes. The plum trees lined the garden and would produce wonderful fruit that Grandma would use to teach me to make jam.
I loved riding in his truck every chance I got.  Always a Ford pick up that I could always count on smelling like spearmint certs. The same mints that he would share with me at church from the role he carried in his pocket. On the way to the lumber yard or wherever we were going, we would listen to his favorite music. Old. That is what I thought then. They were always kind of funny songs to me. My favorite was one that went "Son, don't go near the Indians, please stay away..." Something about a man falling for an Indian girl and his family doesn't want him around her. Come to find out, the Indian was his sister... Funny, right?

He never called me by my name. It was always "Sugar" or "Darlin'".
Unless he was yelling for me or I did something that I shouldn't have (rare)...
Then of course it was, "Megan Leigh!"
I would spend the night ALL THE TIME. In the evening we would watch Wheel of Fortune and eat dinner together. Grandma would tell me it was time for bed, I would jump up in Grandpa's chair as he ate his cornbread with buttermilk, and he would kiss my cheek and say...
"Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!"
He is the best man in the world. Even as a very little girl, I  knew I wanted to marry a man just like my Grandpa. A man that made everyone laugh, took care of his homestead and his family, has a kind heart and southern values. He set the bar high. I think that all of the ladies in my family would agree that if the man in your life isn't like Joe, he is the wrong one. Hubby and Grandad hit it off from the get go. They are two peas in a pod. I think I always knew it because I married him (meaning that I knew he was perfect) but i never really thought about it until we went to visit Aunt Ann. 
We drove all the way to Florida to see her for a few hours and had the best time together. Hubby and the kids had her laughing like I had never seen her laugh before. She took me into the kitchen and hugged me while she told me how proud she was of me and the family that I had made. She giggled and said "You married Joe". I'll never forget the way that made me feel. I did, God gave me the perfect replica of the man I admire so much.

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