Saturday, August 25, 2012

Learning on Saturday #1

Saturday is family day at our house.
We were suppose to stay at home and rest today since we had such a busy week.
We decided to take the kids to the farmer's market but our's was already down for the day.
So! We took the kids to visit our "adopted" farmers.
Here are the pictures from before:
They were so excited to see the kids when we got there.
They immediately took them out to the garden to let them pick their veggies.
We have decided to start visiting them once a month.
 It's a bit of a drive but it is so worth it. The kids get to make their day and give them a good laugh and our kids get a good spoil'n while we are there.

We went to a few herb gardens to make a new window garden.
My kids have always loved planting anything. 

We finished off the afternoon with a good nature lesson at Love's Lookout.
Historical Sites are always a great place to take the kids for a quick history lesson.
Not to mention, they are usually free.

The summer is crazy hot, winter doesn't exist, the weather is always 100% unpredictable, there are bugs, snakes, and some scary animals, but it's days like this that I am reminded how much I love Texas. The southern charm and natural beauty of our surroundings makes it worth the scorching heat. ;)

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gotjoy3 said...

Saturday has become our Family Day as well. We use to set aside Friday nights for Family night (we still mostly)but since my son is in youth group they do things on certain Friday's. I always feel tired by Friday night. So, we are trying to make Saturday Family Day.

How neat to have a farm and that experience to visit.