Monday, July 30, 2012


My brother's and I are going to do the
Color Run in February so we have all been getting ready.
It seems like the more I run, the more goes wrong.
Kids getting sick, me getting sick, hurt hip, hurt knee...

I just needed some motivation for today and I decided to post it
 here so that I can see it everyday when I get online. :)

 ... Time to go. :)


Marissa said...

my email is messed up and I keep trying to respond to your comment and it will not send...ugh!!

To answer your questions, there are many books out there for tips on changing your running strike, but for me we have a local running store in town and she has helped me with mine SO much.

I did not use a running plan, but many of my family and friends have tried to C25K and it seems to work great. Have you been running quite a bit already? While training for my half marathon, I followed a Runner's World training guide that was pretty good but this time around I'll use something a little more specific for me and wanting to get a PR!

Any questions you need answered, I am here. That's why I have my blog after all, to help people find and lead a healthy lifestyle and promote that lifestyle with their families! Good luck on your journey and the color run sounds like SO much fun...none around here yet, but I have high hopes one will make it this way soon!! You will be MORE than ready by Feb, trust me! Just #1 important thing: get great shoes. It depends SO much on the get some good ones!

gotjoy3 said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I like the first one. Ha!

Mommy Minded said...

I got it Marissa. I wrote you back there!