Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loving July.

I cant believe we are only 10 days into July!
We have been so busy and it has been a blast.
We are trying out the pumpkin planting this year,
working towards a dye free diet,
breaking out the science projects, and so much more...
Oh! We got a little shopping in for summer birthdays
and I bought my new favorite scarf!
Random, but I am so excited about it!
We had some great weekends so far.
Here are a few shots from 4th of July celebrations.
We had a family get together the weekend before and spent the 4th
at church where we cooked out and played.

Sissy got baptized and we got to see all of our family together.
These are my favorite kind of days.

We were blessed with an abundance of peaches! ;)

Then... there is VBS!

We finished one of our reading programs this month too!
(The kids with our fantastic librarian)


Marissa said...

busy, busy but still looks like fun-filled summer days! Mmm, those peaches look amazing and y'all plant your own pumpkins?? did I miss something? if ya do, how cool is that!!!!

love the 4th pics!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

We've been getting bushels of peaches from Missouri. They are SOOO good!