Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purex Crystals and Jockey Review and Giveaway

You’re probably wondering,
“What’s the relationship between these two products?”
Here’s the scoop: Purex
 Crystals are 92% natural crystals that infuse
 long-lasting freshness into the fabric fibers of clothing
 without harming garments
(like liquid softener products that use oils to soften).

This is especially important for activewear like Jockey®’s sports bras,
 as liquid softeners can harm active wear’s moisture wicking ability.
Additionally, Purex Crystals work to create a continuous long-lasting freshness,
eliminating that all-too-common odor that gets embedded in workout clothing.

I have been wearing my Jockey sports bra for my work outs over the past couple of weeks and I always use my Purex Crystals when washing. My work out gear still smells fresh and tropical after being washed daily. I just have to say that I am LOVING this bra from Jockey. Not only does it have moisture wicking ability, there is a pocket for my key! It's the simple things that make this Momma so happy. :)

 Purex Crystals infuse long-lasting freshness into fabric fibers
 without oil so it is safe for all the laundry in your house!
 The popular "Tropical Splash" crystals will be
back in stores in 2012 but you can win some now!

Purex and Jockey would like to give a Mommy Minded
reader a Jockey Sprorts Bra and the popular
 Tropical Splash Purex Crystals.
Perfect timing for all the new resolutions to get healthy!

I was sent to products mentioned above for my review. All opinions are my own and yours may differ. No monetary compensation was received.

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Nancy said...

I learned through the link that you can get a unique code - thanks to Purex - for 20% off your next Jockey purchase. These 2 products make a great team. I love them both!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

scottsgal said...

I learned Purex is 92% natural
msboatgal at

shala_darkstone said...

I learned that Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets use less water and less packaging.

Nancy's Couture said...

I learned that Purex Dual Compatible formula detergents are specially formulated to generate less foam than regular detergents, which helps keep your HE washer functioning properly over time.

Ashley said...

I learned that purex crystals are 92% natural.

heartnsoulcooking said...

I learned that Purex Crystals – 92% natural, safe for all loads, and lasts for weeks.
heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

Colleen said...

I learned that purex crystals doesn't use oils for softening.

Jackie said...

I learned that Purex uses special agents that won't harm materials so it's safe to use in sports bras too.

Jenny said...

I learned that Purex Crystals doesn't use oils for softening so it can be used on all clothes.

jenny_anwar at

Katherine said...

i learned how to remove chocolate stains from cotton!

Rinse garment to remove excess stain. Pretreat with Zout® stain remover. Then launder with Purex® detergent and a color safe bleach (or chlorine bleach for white fabric).

katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

Sayra6386 said...

I learned that their products are super high quality AND comfortable!

Chris said...

I learned that Purex Crystals do not use oils to soften so they can be used with moisture wicking fabrics (like those used in Jockey Sports bras)

kissyjensen at gmail dot com

Janice said...

I learned that Purex doesn't use oils for softening so it's good on all clothes, including sports bras

ericka coello said...

Jockey sports bra has moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and your body cool while you workout

pinklady705 said...

I learned that Purex doesn't use oil to soften clothes. I'm not sure I ever even thought about what exactly does the softening though.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I learned that Purex Crystals can be used on all laundry!

Julie said...

Purex is 92 percent natural.. I use Purex and it really works/smells great