Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 2012 My Glam Bag

I cancelled my Birchbox and went to MyGlam.
Was it worth it?
I say yes.
It is the same concept,
"Every month, you receive a brand new Glam Bag with 4 to 5 of our top beauty finds! These full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples are selected by our stylists for you to enjoy"

With Birchbox, I was not a fan of the perfume samples.
 Although this month they are sending samples of the perfume I actually wear daily...
The shipping issues in December just did me in.

I love that MyGlam does large samples and full size products.

This month I got:

Wen. I have been using Wen since September and I really like it.
This is a small bottle so it will be AWESOME for traveling!

Freeman Mask. This is another product that my daughter and I already use. It's always nice to get a freebie of something that you know you like and will use! :) Plus, it's full size. Yay.

Shady Lady Eye Shadow. I am loving this. The packaging is too cute and I love the shade I got. Mine is called Shameless Shana. It is a dark brown so I will use it as a liner as well.

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer. I use Mineral make up and I don't have any concealer so yay for me! I got the right color for myself and I hope everyone else did too since we don't have personal preferences at MyGlam.

Overall, I am VERY happy with this months bag. The idea was to be natural and pure. I think that they did a great job. I will use EVERYTHING in my bag!


Amy said...

I never heard of Glam Bag, now I am going to try it!

Julie P. said...

Can I ask you... which color in the sheer cover concealer did you receive? Not sure if they are giving out random shades.. I hope it's not too dark. :(

Marissa said...

wow, never heard of this but I'm definitely going to check it out :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I may have to gift this to myself! ;)

tightsandtea said...

This is literally a million times better than Birchbox--but I hope they don't burn out and get worse with each month :/

I signed up to birchbox thinking it was 4-5 makeup samples bc that's what their ads showed, but most months I got teeny tiny free-size samples of mostly skincare. I had one good month, and that was it.