Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birchbox December 2011

I am actually loving everything in my box this month.
The lip gloss was questionable because it is bright pink in the tube but
 I LOVE it on!

My favorite thing was the perfume and hair oil. I love the smell of the hair oil and I have used another product like this and loved it. I normally don't like perfume samples because I am picky but I do like the smell of this one so I will keep it in my purse!

This months box had had a lot of issues with shipping and will actually be my last BirchBox. I got a box with another persons shipping label under mine and I could see all the info very clear  and the contents of my bag didnt match up with what my account said would be in my box... There were just several issues so I have switched to another company, MyGlam. I cant wait to tell you about it next month.

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