Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another monthly surprise?

I already get Birchbox but now I am trying another new monthly surprise box...

Cravebox Box

Cravebox is here!

(From My Email)
We’re excited to announce that Cravebox enrollment is now open!
Cravebox gives you the opportunity to try the best products without paying full price.
Unwrap four to five hand-selected products each month
Discover the most crave-worthy products including beauty, food, home goods and others
Delivered to your door for one superbly low price of $10/month - includes free shipping!
We’ve got some amazing products that we have hand-picked and lined up for your first Cravebox. With
the holidays upon us, the timing could not be better. You’ll find your first Cravebox brimming with great products for you or someone special on your holiday shopping list.
Since this is a beta test, we have a limited number of Craveboxes, so be sure to secure yours quickly!

I cant wait to see how this goes. I will be sure to review it when it comes in so that you all can see what it is all about. I will also review my Birchbox this month as well since I have got a bunch of questions about that as well.

Sign Up For Cravebox here!

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Marissa said...

oh that's kinda cool...I'll have to check it out.