Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide #1

I am getting so many different ideas from so many blogs for Christmas.
I decided to start featuring some of my favorite etsy shops this month to
give you some ideas that have been a hit for me!

Mama runs with scissors has arm warmers that my boys love.
Ninja will wear his everyday, all fall and winter!
These would make great stocking stuffers for boys!

You can see a post about them here!

Bubblewrappd has all kinds of
sweet signs that would make anyone's day!
Make It Happen. Home Decor. 
I love this one! I say this to my kids ALL THE TIME.
This one is in my living room!

SafferyMoore makes these travel car mats that my boys have been playing with since before last Christmas... for anyone that has kids, a year is a long time to still be playing with a particular toy. :) I try to keep them in the car but they always manage to sneek them back in the house. Another great stocking stuffer idea for kids!

I will be showing off a few more later this week!

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