Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our kids are so excited about tomorrow.
 It cracks me up that they are most excited to see what they are getting for lunch.

Unfortunately we didn't make it to the store since we
spent all weekend out of town and slept in until after 8:00 this morning!
Record breaking in this house!

I made due with what we had.

I made them banana pudding with 1/2 Greek yogurt and 1 teaspoon nutella. I layered it with thin almond crips cookies and bananas. Topped it with sprinkles and an eyeball.
I hope they like it. Hubby decorated their sandwiches!

We packed all this with Halloween napkins and skull spoons. I threw in a couple of plastic spiders and a Halloween chex mix! They picked WAT-AAH to drink!

I hope that you all have a super fun and safe Halloween tomorrow!

Just because I am so excited, I had to share that I got all the Christmas shopping and wrapping for all the kiddos!

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