Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Picks!

Here are my top 5 for the week!


The kids are up first! Here is their pick for the week. lol Not suprised!


A project must do. Olive oil in a jar with a photo. I love this!

Pinned by Libby via funkybeardecor.com


 Gift idea. We have a friend that is having some serious medical issues and I was looking for a get well gift and ran across this. This would be awesome for Christmas and easy enough to do for anything else the rest of the year!


Here is the snack we tried this week. We left off the chocolate and the kids loved it!

Pinned by Beccacc from her blog


Last but not least... I almost DIED when this picture came up on my screen. This is, as my husband calls him, "my boyfriend". I don't do the whole celeb crush thing but he loves to jack with me about this man. ;)

This week is a mix of things that have caught my eye.
 After this week I will pick a topic for the top picks!

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b. lee said...

oh wow * love the olive oil/pic in a jar project * sweet!

Marissa said...

that's fun! That last pic..what a cutie :)