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Think Act Love Lose Weight Review

Product Description
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Get ready to become a new you!

In 12 weeks from now or less you can have the mindset and the lean, healthy body you have always wanted.

After losing 65 pounds himself and going from unemployed to a top motivational speaker, Shane Jeremy James has worked with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He has found that to achieve your ideal healthy body it is necessary to recondition your mindset, at its core.

You will notice a pattern in Shane’s life. Everything that he teaches is something where he has managed to overcome his own personal struggles in that area. This is one of his core beliefs – that it’s only possible to teach people in specific areas if you have had the success in it yourself.

Shane has co-authored with the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is very proud of his new book “Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight”. Shane has a passion to create a healthier nation, to stop the weight epidemic that is harming countless people today and generations to come.

You will have the courage and confidence to unlock your true self, and to have all the energy you need from morning till night. Excuses will be a thing of the past. You will find patterns and behaviors that have prevented you from keeping the weight off and having the body you so truly deserve. And most importantly, you need to be able to recognize and re-condition habits that will last for a lifetime.

Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight offers secrets for long term weight loss success.
It includes:

How to become stronger, happier and healthier

How to define, take action and achieve your weight loss goals

How to reprogram your mind to achieve forever weight loss

How to lose belly fat

How to develop emotional control

How to stop impulse eating

How to easily make healthy eating part of your everyday routine

Learn the connection between love and weight loss

How to strengthen your immune system

The secret to achieving dramatic weight loss is to first change your psychology - to shift the way you think about yourself, your health and your life.

Discover the secret behind mental rehearsal, which is used by most celebrity sport figures and learn how Shane lost 65lbs and never gained it back.

Learn what science has taught us about the frontal lobe of the brain and weight loss

Also Included:

How to create healthy cells

Learn the importance of oxygen

Discover the healthiest water on the planet

Learn about alkalinity and acidic

Reverse the ageing process

How to create healthy blood

How to increase your life span

Learn which foods are harming you and your family

Learn how to prevent disease from entering your body

Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight includes: a complete meal plan. Learn about powerful foods such as sprouted grain bread, chlorophyll, homemade energy bars, avocado, grapefruit, quinoa, flaxseed oil, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, wheatgrass, homemade smoothies, beans, legumes, green sea vegetables and Celtic sea salt that are disease fighting stars.

Receive some of the most powerful recipes on the planet and get ready to begin a new relationship with food.
A complete exercise plan that you can do from your home in just 30 minutes.

Join the challenge and win an all expense paid trip for you and one other person to a secret location for a weekend of relaxation and fun. Shane Jeremy James will be joining you so you will continue to learn many new secrets on how to become more successful.

What I thought:

I am very happy with this book. I have had the opportunity to read several weigh loss books and I have read a million different "secrets". This book is so very different.

Shane will teach you how to change from the inside out. His main focus is on changing bad habits and setting long and short term goals.

I have started my own goal journal since reading this book and Hubby and I just get financial goals for our family this weekend.

I love his advice on redirecting yourself every time you are about to act out a bad habit.

As you read on, he teaches you why things work the way they do in the body, why you shouldn't skip meals, and so on. He covers certain foods that are great for the body, and why they are great. That is one of the biggest things about the book that I like. Shane doesn't just tell you to do something or tell you to eat something, he tells you why you should.

At the end of the book you are given an idea of a 10 day meal plan. Shane expresses to take things slow, continue to make goals every day, and change your bad behaviors.
This is a great weight loss book in my opinion but if you don't need to loose weight it would be fantastic to educate yourself for a healthy lifestyle.

I was sent a free copy of this book for my review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own and yours could differ.


East9thStreet said...

I have a brother who is almost 500 lbs and each day I struggle with the right advice to give him. Sounds like this book might be good in helping him set and obtain realistic goals.
Sarah from

Amy Sue's Place said...

Great review! Just added it to my next library list!! (yes..I am old school and still read actual books!! LOL)

Becky Fuentes said...

Hi there! Following you from the Christmas in July Giveaway hop linky. Very much looking forward to the event! Would love for you to follow back. =)