Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Summer Ideas!

To keep the kids reading during the summer, we try to make it really fun and rewarding. Here are some of the reading programs that we will be doing this summer. I hope that you will think about adding them to your summer plans this year too!

Barnes and Noble  has a great one. Here is Sissy's picture from last year. Captain is so excited that he gets to do it this year since he is going into 1st grade! :)

Here is a really cool idea from Chuck E Cheese. They are offering 10 tokens for each completed chart and they have more than just reading...

We also do a program with HEB but they have not updated from last year...
 I will post as soon as they do.

You also need to check out your local library!
Our library has a fantastic summer program every year!

Here is a couple more:

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Marissa said...

I didn't realize all of those cool reading programs that are available for kids! Pretty cool :)