Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mommy World...

So the schedule is not so great right now and I got a little behind on post but I am catching up!

I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you for all of the Mothers Day Comments and emails. I feel so awful for not making it online to wish all my mommy friends the same!

Mothers Day was awesome. Hubby got me a new car that gets much better gas mileage. Yay! "The Kids" bought me the new IPhone that I never really knew I wanted but am coming to love it. Ninja and I were watching cartoons on it while we waited on his class to start today :) I got to go on a special girl date with my "otha motha" and sister to see an AMAZING play, "Steel Magnolias". Here is the cake they served at intermission:

 I hope that all of my mom's in bloggyland had a fantastic Mother's Day!

I have accepted a few product review and giveaway opportunities this week to make up for my absence. You will be seeing them soon! ;)


Lora said...

I thought i was spoiled on mothers' day. A CAR? wow. i'll have to let my husband know that happened somewhere out there. :)

That cake is amazing! I'll bet the play was too. I love that movie.

Oh, and you'll LOVE the iphone. Trust me. ;)

Chunky Monkey said...

Love the Iphone. It will change your life!

Our Crazy Bunch said...

WOW you had a great Mother's Day! What kind of car did you get?

Marissa said...

can't believe they served, "bleedin' armadillo groom's cake!!!"....hilarious!!!! I got an iPhone for mother's day too!!! Love it :)

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Ha ha....that cake made me chuckle! I would love that play :)

Thanks for stopping by FFL!