Friday, April 1, 2011

I am so excited about my Kroger trip today!

Hubby and I had to make a quick Kroger trip this morning for
 Almond Milk, Spinach, Romaine, and Bananas.

...This is what I came out with for right at $30.

My burgers, beans, veggies, fruit, dressing, milk, cereal,
and tea were ALL on mark down or sale today!

What a way to kick of my weekend!


Miranda said...

Wow, that's a large amount of food for so little money! Great job!

Tanya said...

I haven't seen Boca burgers around here in ages...thought they stopped producing them! So yummy!

Roxie-Girl said...

Love me some spinach! Great savings today....THAT is a good grocery trip!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!