Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthy Tip

Last week I talked about having produce ready to eat
 and how it helps up make healthier choices.

I also do this with meat. I am at home all day with Ninja so it would be
 so easy to make a PB&J to have for lunch everyday...  We started
buying a name brand "ready to eat grilled chicken"  for me to have with my lunch salad
and it is really pricey. We pay almost $7.00 for about 4-5 smaller chicken breast.

 So! We went to our local meat market and bought a 5 pound bag of thin sliced chicken breast fillets for $5! Wow! I also picked up some of my turkey burgers from the grocery store.

The next time Hubby cooks out, he will grill all of my proteins!

I let them cool down and then I pack them in freezer bags.
Now I have good meats to have any time that I want, cooked and ready to go!

Most days I will pop a piece of chicken or a burger in the refrigerator before bed so that it will be defrosted for the next day's lunch. If I forget, no biggie! I just stick it in the microwave and it taste great!

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Marissa said...

not sure if comment went through before...thanks for linking up and great tip! We do this with meat a lot as well :)