Thursday, January 27, 2011

Response to readers comment.

This post is a response to comments that I got about holiday decor.

A couple of you said that you wish that you could decorate for the smaller holidays but just don't have the money to buy stuff or the room to store it.  SO! I just thought that I would share a little info! We live in a crazy small house and I don't have room for anything extra so when I found this little shelf I knew I had to have it for storage! It will fit in any closet or in the utility room.

 I found these bins for a dollar each at Dollar Tree and bought enough to fill my shelf. Each holiday has a bin and if it doesn't fit, I don't by it! That's the rule ;) (Except for Christmas... it has a few big bins out in the utility The biggest key to buying holiday decor is to purchase after the holiday on clearance and tuck it away for next year.

 My favorite decorations are the ones that we make as a family. So it's kind of a win/win. If you have to spend anything on craft supplies then you get a craft and a decoration out of it. Keep an eye on local craft events like Michael's and Lowe's for free workshops for the family!


Jeni said...

What a great idea! I am clutter challenged, I put things where they fit ad then can't find the. I found the really cute Christmas bulb window clings I bought that I had been looking for. On new years day behind the microwave! haha

Marissa said...

great idea and your area looks so organized...would you like to come and help me do that??! I love dollar tree, but have never seen those, I need to be on the lookout, VERY COOL!! thanks for the tip!!