Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Nights Projects. Free Printables!

I am so upset about my computer crashing but I am LOVING my new laptop! So last night hubby and I spent most of the evening playing our our new toys and I of course, was googling projects! ;)

Here are a couple of things that I found and thought that you might enjoy as well!

I am starting to gather up some decor for Valentine's day and I came across this!

It is made in pretty pinks but my whole house is dark and it just wouldn't flow so I printed it in black and white. You can find it here!

Then I decided that my bathroom is lacking something and I found this!

There are a ton of different colors to choose from and there is also one for laundry!
You can find them here!

Have a great weekend!
I will be back Monday with Valentine's day crafts!

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Marissa said...

oh FUN! Thanks and can't wait to see your valentine crafts too :)