Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ninja was super suprised to find all of this in that box!!!



Marissa said...

Yum, I'd like to come share those treats with you guys :)

Shelly said...

Yummy, Mrs. Fields! Surprised he wasn't tearing something open already. lol

Nichol said...

Haha....loving his face too cute. I bet he helped with eating too.

Mommy Minded said...

He had to wait to eat until brother, sister, and daddy got home... he says it was the longest day EVER! lol He is such a mess!

Marissa, we would love to share but even momma didnt get any, they went so fast! We dont get to have things like that in the house very often so when they come in the door, they dont stay long! :)

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

That WOULD be a long day - lol!

The Paper Princess said...

Dear Megan

I am delighted to discover your fabulous blog!
I have signed up as a GFC follower and I invite you to do the same at Create With Joy!


Life with the Lebedas said...

Thats the same one i got!! :) They were great weren't they?