Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rowdy Sprout and Sugar Pop Ribbons

First you should know that I am not a big winner. This is why I have never been to Vegas... :)

I love to enter contest and do a lot because just the thought of winning something... really pumps me up! I also get excited when other people win things. I always try to send congrats any time I see a winner post!

Anywho. One day I was visiting Sugar Pop Ribbons and of course the kiddos were standing behind me watching my every move! I had been reading over a post about Rowdy Sprout and clicked on the link to the website. I fell in love. We are huge music fans and love band shirts! Once the shirt photos came up, Captain yells out, "put that on my Christmas List!". So I decide I am going to try to win this sucker! Well guess flippin' what...
I DID! I don't know who was more excited, Me, Hubs, or Captain ?

Here are some of our faves!
Today my little rock star got his package in the mail!
We didn't even make it into the house with it!
This kid had it on in a split second!
I must say that they colors are much more vibrant
in person than on the website photos and the shirts are crazy soft!
It is perfect!
Don't ask, he is hilarious.

I just want to send a big thank you to Sugar Pop Ribbons and Rowdy Sprout!
I also want to encourage all of my readers to go visit Sugar Pop Ribbons!
There are constant awesome giveaways and you could win next!


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They are GORGEOUS!!
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